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From: Robert Cotter, Ph.D.
Re: Your Florida Retirement

During the year 2015, a new wave of Baby Boomers will be turning 60 and on their way to retirement.  If you are in that group, congratulations! You are on the verge of a most exciting time in your life.

As early retirement has become more in voque, there will be huge populations of younger retirees entering the retirement system and flocking to traditional destinations.

At the top of this list will be the gorgeous, "Sunshine State" of Florida, as it has been for decades.

But But heed this warning: Awaiting you, the new retiree, will be limitless opportunities and opportunists, looking for you and your hard earned savings.

When I decided to retire in Florida some 20 years ago (part time at first), the state was a very different place. Since that time, the changes and population growth have been nothing short of astounding. No doubt you have read about the explosion of building and land development in the state if you have done even the most rudimentary research.

Yet, after a huge price run-up, Florida's housing market crashed, and prices have adjusted dramatically the past 7+ years.

Just look at this list of recent property value changes below. Here's how much Florida retirement home values have dropped since 2006!

Astounding, isn't it?

Yet whenever there is a frenzy going on like this, common sense can be lost in the shuffle.

The "buy now or miss out" mindset typically takes hold and tragic mistakes can be made by eagar, yet uniformed retirees.

Unfortunately, these mistakes can have devastating effects on their chances for a fulfilling, yet practical retirement in Florida. They are effectively "rolling the dice" with their hard earned retirement savings.

My journey into FL retirement has been an incredible odyssey with its share of triumphs, challenges, and a multitude of discoveries.

Because of my inquisitive nature, I decided to document this journey not only for myself, but for family and friends about to begin their own retirement adventures.

You see, so many Florida retirees are making mistakes of which they are not even aware.

Median Florida Home Values
Metro Area
% Change
Cape Coral - Fort Myers
Port St. Lucie
Sarasota - Bradenton - Venice
Miami - Fort Lauderdale - Miami Beach
Deltona - Daytona Beach - Ormond Beach
West Palm Beach
Tampa - St.Petersburg - Clearwater
Palm Bay - Melbourne - Titusville
Pensacola - Ferry Pass - Brent

A Buying Opportunity?!

Over the last 20+ years, I have been taking note of the tales from the scores of retirees I've met. They each have their stories to tell, and some of them would break your heart.

In doing so, I have assembled the most powerful and useful collection of Florida retirement strategies, tips, best kept secrets, and resources available anywhere online...and I'd like to share them with you.

You too can be part of the ever growing, dynamic group of folks retiring to the Sunshine State. Take the first step to a fantastic Florida Retirement by requesting your FREE Insider's "Florida Living Forecast Report":

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Your Florida retirement marks the start of a most rewarding (and perhaps daunting) time of your life. Be prepared with an up to date arsenal of knowledge before you make any big decisions that could affect the rest of your life.

This is your opportunity to learn from my successes and failures.

Introducing "The Florida Retirement Book - An Insider's Guide"

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Now available as a simple, Immediate Download or in Hard Copy

You can be reading the new 12th Edition Minutes from now!

"My wife and I decided to retire to Florida but we had no inkling of where to go or what this move would entail. Robert's book opened our eyes to the possiblilities and some drawbacks to our plans for retirement to Florida.

I whole heartedly recommend this book to all who are thinking of moving to Florida for retirement. It is full of important information and insights and will help avoid a lot of mistakes and stress in planning your move."

Jerry Seltzer
Hackensack, N.J.

Here's a sneak peek at what you're going to find in the pages of the New 12th Edition of "The Florida Retirement Book - An Insider's Guide":

A sobering analysis of Florida's Sub Prime Mortgage Crisis.
Has Florida's Real Estate Bubble Burst or is it just a fast leak?
10 Critical Questions you must ask your Florida realtor.
What “Location, Location, Location” is best for you? Florida has 67 counties, each with its own unique personality.
Beware of the "Model Home" Trap.
Should you rent out your Florida Home to help pay for it?
The fastest growing FL regions (including Central Florida) Don't get left behind!
Urgent - A Developing Threat To Manufactured Housing Parks.
Is Ocean or Gulf Front Property Really Worth The Added Cost? 
Special Section   An in depth look at Florida's devastating Hurricane Seasons and what they mean for your retirement strategy.
Flood you need it?
The top ten counties with the most residents over 65.
Critical - Is your real estate agent coming clean about your community's sewage treatment plant?
Detailed population data that will help prevent you from moving to an area with the same problems that you want to leave behind!
Steps to take to become a bona fide Florida resident.
The cost of living is low in Florida! Learn why and take advantage.
A close look at Florida tax considerations for new retirees and property owners.
Don’t forget to add in soaring homeowner’s insurance costs to your budget.

If you want warm winter weather in Florida, avoid these counties (or bring some winter clothes)!


"Good morning Mr. Cotter,

Thank you for your Florida Retirement Book. The inside information on condos and country clubs was particularly informative and helpful.

I appreciate your making such valuable information available to new (returning in my case) Florida residents.


Ed W.
State College, PA

Learn why you’ll need to get away from the Florida summer.
What you must know about condominium fees.
Can you really trust your condo governing board?
Considering a Golf Course Community?  Be prepared for the costs!
Is the country club lifestyle really for you?
Why you really need to check out the medical facilities and practitioners.
Follow the money trail. The counties with the highest incomes are identified.

Why you should think twice before settling on an island (key) that is accessed by an extension or drawbridge.

Ethnic enclaves identified.
and Much, Much More!


"I've been looking for a resource like this for years. It's great to have all the information in one place.

The information in Chapter 3 alone is worth more than the price of the material."

Patricia H.
Sinking Spring, PA

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Florida Retirement Book Quote

The state of Florida and it's retirement communities are in a constant state of change. I am passionate about continuing to discover and document these changes (my wife may say a bit too passionate).

In fact, the book has already had numerous, timely content updates including vital information on the recent mortgage crisis, property taxes, real estate, hidden costs, hurricanes, undervalued areas, and much more.

When a new version of the book is updated, we will notify all those who have purchased an Ebook or Hardcopy with the Free Updates and email instructions on how to easily and immediately download the full, updated version (or just the new sections if you prefer) for free. You can also just read the updates online if you'd like.

When I update "The Florida Retirement Book - An Insider's Guide" with the latest strategies, tips, best kept secrets, and resources, you'll get fresh information before anyone else -- automatically and free. How many other products or books do you own that stay fresh after purchase?!

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"The Florida Retirement Book has all the information that my wife and I have been searching for. This insider’s guide answered our questions, and most importantly gave us the ‘jump start’ needed for a successful re-location to the Sunshine State.

Your insight and experience have proven invaluable.

Thanks again!"

Jeff G.
Dartmouth, MA



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